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Oxypic works to keep the heating system at maximum efficiency year after year, it works against corrosion, scale, oxide sludge and expels air from the water as it circulates, all this from the one additive. Oxypic also continues to circulate in the water to seal further potential leaks. Its magic, no need to worry which of several complex additives to use. Use Oxypic for the lot. It also conforms to BS1486:1978 and BS7593:1992.
Oxypic should be used on all new heating installations when filling up for the last time to ensure permanent automatic sealing of any undetected small leak. Leave Oxypic in the system to make it leak proof, rust proof, scale proof. It has no adverse effects on the system and gives a protective coat to all internal parts, to guard against rust and build up of oxide sludge.
Oxypic is black/brown in colour derived from a blend of alkalis, tannins, polymers and mineral formula. It may look better if it were lighter in colour, but it would not be as efficient. Once in the heating system you cannot see the colour of it and it works better.
Oxypic seals leaks in all metal boilers and pipework including threaded joints, it must be understood however that the metal itself must be of sufficient substance for the Oxypic to make the repair. It will therefore not repair leaks in boilers or pipework worn thin with age.
Guaranteed leak stopper & inhibitor

...And after OXYPIC seals the leak, it continues to work expelling air from the water and reducing boiler noise - thereby guarding against any future leaks, scaling and rust.

OXYPIC is non-toxic. In case of contact with skin or eyes wash thoroughly with water. Do not swallow, if swallowed rinse mouth well see doctor. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

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