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Note: Because of similar link-up units being made and sold and even one which looks very similar to our own Neutralizer we can now only give technical information on receipt of a serial number from one of our Dunsley Neutralizer units or the order number and name of stockist from whom you purchased for us to verify, if this cannot be provided we can only give basic information on our Neutralizer and not regarding the technical linking up of different boilers and systems.


Neutralizer link-up system
Trouble free way of Interlinking two or more boilers.

The use of a Neutralizer offers a neat solution to the problems of link-up. The description 'Circuit Neutralizer' (also referred to as a neutralising vessel or chamber), is intended to convey the fact that the Neutralizer fixes the neutral point location within the heating system. The cold feed and open vent are both connected to the heating system at the neutralising chamber. Provided both boilers are only connected through this point, then pumped or gravity circuits connected to the chamber can have no hydraulic interaction. This means that the pumped circuit from a gas or oil fired boiler will not induce flow through a solid fuel boiler via its gravity circuit. The soild fuel boiler will however feed hot water into the system, thus achieving the desired objective.

Neutralizer technical support is only available from Dunsley on Tuesdays 10am to 3pm by ringing 01484 682635.

*Click to view Neutralizer layout sketches


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