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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can l take photos and images from the Dunsleyheat website?
If you would like to re-use any material from the Dunsleyheat website please get in touch with us and we will provide you with what you need. Taking images directly from our website without permission is not advisable legally.

Do Dunsley sell direct to the public?
No, we have a network of dealers throughout the UK. Please contact us for your nearest dealer.

What if i don't have a chimney?
There are many different flue systems available, Stainless Steel Twin-Wall or Clay Flue Linings.

Can i connect two stoves into the same flue?
No, all Dunsley Stoves must have individual flues.

Does my chimney need lining?
Take advice from an approved HETAS engineer, some chimneys can be in poor condition or too wide.

If my stove has a 150mm flue spigot can i reduce?
The internal diameter of the flue can only be reduced to 125mm if the stove is a DEFRA approved appliance.

Do i require an airbrick in the same room as the stove?
For closed appliances without any draught stabilizer fitted the air requirement is 550mm
² per kw of rated output above 5kw.

How do i get my stove installed?
Installation of your Dunsley stove must be carried out by a HETAS Approved Engineer and in accordance with Building Regulations.
For a list of installers contact the Solid Fuel Association at

Can i sweep my chimney through the stove?
Yes you can on non-boiler models. Central heating models must have a means of access to the flue, usually a cleaning door in the first length of flue pipe.

Can i run my boiler stove disconnected?
No, the stove cannot be run without being connected to radiators and full of water.

What is a flue adapter?
For installations where the space is limited and with insufficient room to use a standard flue bend.

What is the minimum space required around a Dunsley Stove?
There must be at least 75mm air gap between the back wall and the sides of the stove and 125mm from top of stove to non combustible lintel.

Can i burn wood on my stove?
Yes all Dunsley Stoves are multi-fuel which means you can burn smokeless fuel or wood on the same grate, Make sure the moisture content for wood is less than 25%.

Can Dunsley supply smoke exempt Stoves?
Yes, we have a range of Enviroburn Stoves which are DEFRA Approved for burning logs in a smoke controlled zone

Can i connect my Dunsley with a gas/oil boiler?
Yes, by using our Neutralizer Link-Up system, for further details on this go to the 'Neutralizer' link under the 'product' tab near the top of the page.

What size of Stove do i require?
Our website has a calculator to help you work this out, but it is only a guide (see 'stoves' link above under products tab), consult your HETAS engineer who will work this out for you accurately.

For your information
All Dunsley Stoves have been tested and CE Certified by an approved independent testing laboratory to BS EN 13240:2001+2004 and are manufactured under a strict quality control system BSI ISO9001

We hope this information will help you to choose a Dunsley Stove.



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