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Important information with regards Chimney's

The requirement for a properly insulated flue is imperative to the effective operating of any solid fuel stove (wood burner or multifuel.
A constant flow pressure of 0.15m bar min is essential and a 152mm diameter flue is recommended with a maximum recommended diameter of 200mm.
Flexible liner flues should be insulated for their entire length in the chimney using a Vermiculite or Mica backfill of flue blanket wraps.

Central Heating Systems

Where a central heating boiler stove is used there needs to be adequate measures taken to circulate the hot water efficiently away from the stove. Reliance on a gravity circuit alone will rarely be sufficient. All our boiler stoves have a built in (factory fitted) boiler thermostat. As soon as the water flow temperature rises to 45c the airway begins to close so it is essential that the hot water is pumped away to avoid over heating of the water which would result in the shutting down of the fire. This is a safety feature to avoid boiling of the water.

If a large thermal store is to be used it is also essential to make provision for some hot water to be mixed in with the return water to the boiler. This will reduce the cooling effect of the return water which in the case of a large thermal store could continue for a considerable time and would reduce the flue gas temperature causing malfunction and condensation in the flue.


The Yorkshire Stove
Technical specifications

How do you choose the stove to meet your requirements? We would like you to choose the Yorkshire stove, but while you are comparing it with other models may we suggest you take a look at the technical specifications.

The Yorkshire Stove is the only multi-fuel stove ever to have met all the UK clean burning tests. It can actually burn cleaner than so called 'smokeless' fuels. (HETAS Approved)


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