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The Yorkshire Stove
Woodburning Multifuel stove

Developed through 30 years of research The Yorkshire Stove is the first of a whole new breed of heat source. At last, we have created fire without smoke.

Emmisions from the Yorkshire Stove are so low that it very easily complies with the clean air act (see graph on the technical spec page). Independent laboratory tests show efficiencies of over 70% on a whole range of fuels including wood. The Yorkshire Stove is A+ rated for energy efficiency.

Your Choice
The Yorkshire Stove can be the solution for automatic central heating it can be ordered either as a multifuel model or as a woodburning model. The woodburning model is less expensive but can only burn wood.

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Automatic control boiler only model
The Yorkshire built in thermostat automatically monitors central heating temperature and controls the incoming air to regulate how fiercely the fire burns to meet central heating requirements.

The Yorkshire automatic central heating boiler works on its own without any electrical connections, however electrics are required to operate the circulating pump, room stats etc which are fitted into the heating system to turn the fire up in the morning and down at night. So throw on the fuel, remove the ash as required and the Yorkshire automatic pretty much takes care of itself.


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